UI/UX Design

We don’t follow trends in design. We set them.

TechSuite sets the bar for what a UI/UX design agency should be. We understand that a good UI/UX design will lay the foundation for your product and be the difference between 100 users and 100,000. Our senior designers hail from all corners of the world, comprising a team with years of design agency experience. They work collaboratively to create beautiful, intuitive screens that flow seamlessly for Web, Android, and iOS.

Right in front of their eyes, our clients’ ideas transform from tech specs, to mockups, to a flawlessly laid-out user experience. From there, we deliver an equally effective user interface that beautifully reflects your brand identity. While this is where most dev shops stop, we take it a step further. Our project managers are self-proclaimed perfectionists, which means we add that extra attention that makes your product truly perfect.

We utilize the best tools out there for UI/UX Design like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD. Our Design Studio in NYC produces work only echoed by some of the most prominent branding & design agencies in the world, all at a fraction of the price. Ask us about web design, mobile app design, or software design and let our company and our work amaze you.

Eatsy is an on-demand food delivery platform that delivers straight to your dorm room. To appeal to the target segment of college students, we analyzed consumer data on visual preferences and decided to gamify the UX, while determining a color palette of red and silver for the UI.

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