Rapid Prototyping

A new definition to rapid software prototyping company in NYC.

TechSuite is a team of disruptors and rapid prototyping company in NYC. We challenge the status quo to the point of rethinking the way a process should be properly executed. That’s why we’ve consolidated our expertise as a mobile app development & digital product agency with the innovative nature of our NYC Design Studio to deliver an unparalleled rapid app prototyping experience.

A prototype is actually essential for any web or mobile design and development. It’s the “dummy” that gives you a representation of how your product is going to look, feel, and work. It enables you to iterate your ideas and brings you one step closer to product-market-fit. At face value, a software prototype is a clickable wireframe that culminates your UI/UX Design with a workflow tool site like Flinto or Invision to create screens you can navigate through. But at the core, a prototype is something you can present to key stakeholders, including potential customers and investors, to gain validation and support for your future product. The feedback you get from your prototype can be used to map out a more effective application. In essence, your prototype is like your app’s MVP, without the backend functionalities.

How rapid?

Most digital product agencies or full service app development companies will quote you way too high in terms of timeline and cost. They claim prototyping can take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s almost as if they think you have the time or the money to be sitting around “experimenting” or “figuring it out.” We understand that in the startup world, it doesn’t work like that. You need things done quickly and affordably. That’s why we can get it done in as little as 3 days, and never exceed a couple of weeks. These actions ultimately result in a TechSpec, or a technical specification document that explicitly lays out the user roles, functionalities, workflows, information architecture, technology stack, cost, and delivery timetable for your app MVP.

Why the discrepancy?

It all goes back to product strategy. We make sure that everything is fleshed out in this stage, so that the rest of the design phase is all about execution, minus the back-and-forth. We start with creating wireframes to capture the user experience (0-3 days). From there, we begin the UI design by creating 4 different sample themes with a few screens based on your branding and let you pick the style you like the most (1-2 days). After we make sure we’re on the right track, we implement the rest of the screens and submit them to you for feedback (1-2 days). We make your desired edits, not stopping until you’re 100% satisfied (1-5 days). Once we have your green light, we upload your designs to Flinto or Invision, and there you have it. Your rapid prototype.

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