How It Works

Lightning Fast Developers.

What if you could beat every deadline set for your app’s development?

By combining software development industry best practices with our own methodology, we’re able to get your app to market 33% faster than anyone else.

Industry Best Practices

“Industry Standard” isn’t good enough. We follow methods that are proven, effective, and adhered to by the top 10% of engineering departments in the world.

No rookies

We assign projects to Senior developers only with 3+ years of experience and domain knowledge, because skill, not “potential,” produces results.

Lean code

Our devs’ programming expertise enables them to achieve the same functionality in less lines of code, saving time without cutting any corners.

Parallel progress

As long as the project scope allows for it, our back end developers work in parallel with our front end developers to speed up delivery time.

Agile SCRUM methodology

We divide every project into weekly sprints and granular tasks and incorporate feedback into every sprint to test and ship on time, every time.

The TechSuite Twist

Our competitive advantage as an input gives you a competitive advantage as an output. Not only is this how we work, but this is how you win.

24 hour estimates > 1 week industry average

 Nobody wants to have to wait a week to make crucial business decisions. Get a time and cost estimate for any idea or feature in 24 hours or less.

72 hour prototypes > 2 week industry average

 Need to visualize your app idea rapidly? Our best-in-class designers can pump a prototype out in as little as 3 days.

12 hour workdays > 8 hour industry average

Have a strict deadline for your launch? Hire a team that can align extra resources to work in multiple shifts daily and get it done.

48 hour onboarding > 1.5 week industry average

 Our team is small enough to avoid tedious procedures when starting new projects and large enough to always have resources ready to go. Alignment is our bread and better.

Working Around The Clock

What if your product team was available beyond 9-5?

Introducing Global Delivery

Our Global Delivery Model coordinates NYC-based product strategy and project management manpower with development, testing, and deployment resources based out of our delivery center in New Delhi, India.


This model enables you to

  1. Reduce costs across the entire project lifecycle
  2. Exchange information locally, minimizing communication gaps
  3. Get maximum value out of our development team

Daily Business Hours: TechSuite vs NYC App Development Firm

  • US
  • THEM

Thanks to Global Delivery, it’s always business hours.

New York City hours: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM EST

New Delhi hours: 10:00 PM – 10:00 AM EST

How does this make you more productive?

  1. 24, not 8 hours of progress on your business daily.
  2. Get instant responses from us on all matters, at all times.
  3. We take care of the tech, so that you’re all in on the business.

Sitting One Desk Down.

What if outsourcing didn’t have to feel like outsourcing?

The Intellectual Property is yours from the get-go.

  1. Your ideas are protected under our NDA, signed before any exchange of information.
  2. Finalized designs and other assets are transferred in original, editable format.
  3. You have immediate and instant private access to your project to view our progress at anytime.
  4. All code is committed daily to a private repository (Github) and shared with you.
  5. Not a single line of your code is recycled for other projects, and not a single line of code from other projects is recycled for yours.

Yours truly, TechSuite.

What other companies might not tell you is that their developers are working on two projects at a time: yours in the morning and someone else’s after lunch. This engagement model not only slows delivery time, but shifts their focus away from your project. We put your baby in the hands of a development team that’s dedicated to you and only you, logging 40+ hours weekly.

All For A Steal.

What if you could do this all without going over budget?

NYC App Development Firms

  • Flashy private offices
  • High sales & marketing costs
  • Many miscellaneous overhead expenses
  • Don’t tell you about their offshore developers
  • Build good software
  • Average rate: $100+/hr (broken down hourly)


  • Cozy WeWork office
  • Lean internal growth hacking methods
  • Minimal overhead expenses
  • Transparent about offshore developers
  • Build great software
  • Average rate: $50/hr (broken down hourly)

The Full-Service Product Development Experience


We’re here to help.