How We Work

Introducing D10, our proprietary process for lean startup growth.

We don’t just take your requirements and begin building your product. We vet out all assumptions and make sure that your idea can sustain any challenges that arise. We focus on the user experience and eliminate unnecessary tasks to save you time and money. We place more emphasis on strategy to minimize the headaches in development. We make sure your product stands out and isn’t just another face in the crowd.


Define the problem.

Regardless of how developed your idea is, we take a step back and find the true problem in the industry you’re looking to disrupt.


Discover the solution.

We examine previous attempts at solving your problem to improve upon their successes and fix their shortcomings with your product strategy.


Denote the use cases.

We account for all possible features of the user journey in the storyboard and prioritize the ones your budget allows us to attack first in the roadmap.


Design the dummy.

Through rapid prototyping, we create an interactive wireframe sample of your product and test the market by driving traffic to your landing page.


Develop the MVP.

Once the technical specifications and proposed screens are ready, we begin to code the initial product you’re bringing to market.


Defy the expectations.

Thanks to our Agile TDD (Test Driven Development) approach, we oversee a seamless transition from build to launch.


Deploy the platform.

We get your application out on the app store and/or web and analyze user feedback to refine your product.


Deny the competition.

We make sure your great product gains and retains market share by beating out competitors with our SEO & PPC efforts.


Deliver the results.

After the successful execution of the aforementioned steps, you will see clear KPI’s in revenues, user acquisition, conversions, and/or stakeholder interest.


Do it all again.

With us, it’s more than a project – it’s a relationship. We get right back to the drawing board when it’s time to scale your product or build a new one.

We're different.

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